Formulating a Binary Option Strategy

    November 27, 2015

    There is some difference between binary options trading and and gambling because gambling is literally all about luck, regardless of how many gamblers claim they can manipulate the slots. There is no strategy in gambling whereas options traders rely on a more complex approach.

    Certainly the traders who lose money with Binary Options do so because they don’t formulate and follow definite binary option strategy, making random trades so that they lose more money than they gain. Having a binary option strategy provides the trader with a set of signals and assets and ways to trade them.

    Binary Option Strategy – Open a Demo Account

    Binary Option StrategyDeveloping a binary option strategy for trading can be somewhat difficult and this is why it is a good idea to first practice your method before you get a live account going. Many binary options platforms offer a free and unlimited demo account to test a strategy before using it on a live account. A trader can then open a live account and fund it with little money for starters. It gives the trader an accurate measure of how the strategy will perform on a well loaded account.

    In formulating a binary options strategy, you’ll need to know what time-frame will be used for the strategy analysis, how long the trades will last, what brokers to use for trading, what kind of analysis the strategy will be based on and also how you can test the strategy. Whatever strategy you choose, follow it closely.

    ●   With each time frame chart for instance, a candlestick length represents the time that trades on a particular asset have been going on for. The essence of time frame consideration is be aware that all trades expire and at different time frames. Some trades will expire in under 20 minutes while others will expire at the end of the day. The use of time frame charts in analysis assists with structuring the strategy so as to respond to the particular expiry time defined for that trade.

    ●   Some strategies work better for certain expiry times. The stock markets, for instance, only operate a few hours each day, in contrast to the forex market which trades around the clock. A strategy being developed for a stock asset will work under intraday conditions while assets with movements that trend for longer can be traded with strategies for medium or long term.

    ●   Select the right broker for your binary option strategy – there are many brokers in the binary options market and, any strategy being developed needs to be suited to the trades found on the preferred broker’s platform. There are subtle differences in trade types. Using a strategy on the wrong platform can cause trades to go wrong. If you use a strategy to pick out trade direction over a few minutes on a platform where the minimum expiration is a few days, then you can’t expect good, positive results. Different assets behave differently and a strategy must be tailored to a particular assets or group of assets. In binary options, there is no cap that fits all.

    Binary Option Strategy – Formulate a Winning Strategy

    Formulating a binary option strategy can be slow and tedious but there are many indicators that can be used in formulating a winning strategy. Traders should look at the different trading strategies to see which works best for them because following a strategy when trading options can significantly increase your chances to be profitable.

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