Magnum Options Review

    March 2, 2015


    Magnum Options is a web-based binary options trading platform which has also recently become available via mobile. It arrived on the online trading scene in 2013 and quickly gained acclaim for its user-friendly layout, comprehensive customer support services and high quality educational resources.In addition, 81% payouts make Magnum Options among the most lucrative trading platforms on the market.

    1. Platform

    When choosing a trading broker, one of the first considerations is its website’s functionality. Having a streamlined, accessible and easily navigable platform is vital for successful trading, particularly for those who are new to binary options. Trading options are clearly laid out on the platform’s homepage and trading windows illustrate up-to-date market data in detailed charts for ease of use.


    1. Trading Options and Assets

    For varied and entertaining trading, Magnum Options offers its clients an extensive selection of trading options. Call/Put is the option of choice for many clients due to its straightforwardness; traders must simply gauge which direction the market is moving and make a prediction. The duration of a trade is at the investor’s discretion, with both 60 Second trades as well as Long Term options on offer. Alternatively, Ladder and One Touch options provide exciting twists on traditional trading models.


    Magnum Options’ asset selection is unparalleled, with 150 tradable assets available for selection. The asset index includes all the customary asset divisions, such as stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. Paired trading is also a possibility, with sets such as Gold Vs Silver and Apple Vs Google on offer to customers.


    1. Account Types

    In order to cater to a variety of budgets, Magnum options offers a range of account types. Initial investments vary from 200 USD to upwards of 10,000 USD and the more one deposits the greater number of privileges they receive. All traders are granted access to an advanced trading academy which offers specialized trading resources. Additional perks include welcome bonuses, accelerated and same-day withdrawals, free trading strategies and the ability to consult with a Senior Account Manager.


    1. Bonuses and Promotions

    Magnum Options offers unique features to online traders which are exclusive to its platform. Among these perks is its free account, which enables clients to trade without the need to pay any fees or commission costs whatsoever. Another exceptional benefit is that even if an option expires out-of-the-money, 10% of the trader’s investment is returned, ensuring that nobody is ever left empty handed.


    1. Academy

    The most strategic way to increase your profitability is to invest in education. Magnum Options provides its customers with a highly advanced educational academy in order to maximize traders’ earning potential. Both introductory and in-depth online courses coach traders in data analysis and getting ahead in binary options trading. Coupled with an invaluable eBook and frequent online webinars, clients have the opportunity to constantly increase their trading knowledge.


    1. Customer Support

    Professional, skilled and available 24/7; these are the qualities which make Magnum Options’ customer service representatives among the best in the business. Address your queries to customer care via online chat, email or by calling one of their numerous international toll-free numbers for an immediate response.


    An abundance of underlying assets and trading options, numerous account packages, sophisticated learning resources and a dedicated customer service team make Mangum Options the trading platform of choice for any binary options investor.







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