Binary Options Craze Hits South Africa

    July 29, 2015


    Are you tired of trying to win the lottery?

    Do you want to work from home, in your pyjamas, at your computer, for only a couple of hours a day, making a good living?

    Maybe even become a millionaire?

    Then take a look at the binary options craze that has hit South Africa. It could be the answer for you!

    No experience is required. Trading in binary options is simplicity itself – and the upside is limitless.

    What is binary options trading?

    Woman Trading Binary OptionsWhen you trade in a binary option you are essentially betting on an entity going UP in price or going DOWN in price relative to another, similar entity.

    So for instance if you think the RAND will go DOWN relative to the US DOLLAR, you buy an option accordingly.

    Or you can simply bet that a certain stock, for instance, or the price of oil, for example, will go UP (a CALL option) or DOWN (a PUT option).

    It’s as simple as that.

    There is also a time factor here. You can bet that the price will move in MONTHS, WEEKS, DAYS, HOURS, MINUTES or even SECONDS.

    Yes, you can trade minute by minute! It is mesmerising to see the price move in minuscule Binary Options Crazeamounts up or down and, when you win your “bet”, i.e. when your trade EXPIRES IN THE MONEY , it is a marvellous feeling to see the funds go directly into your trading account.

    The great thing about binary options platforms is that while they are independent, the price movements are exactly as they are happening on the major forex and stock markets of the world – NASDAQ, London, Brussels, Hong Kong.

    Join the grand word of exchange traded binary options.

    How to start binary options trading

    • Sign up with one of the platforms we recommend on this website. It’s FREE to enrol. (We are especially of fond of  Opteck) but any of the ten binary options platforms we feature is just infe.
    • Go through the training supplied FREE. There are videos, lectures, training notes, webinars and even a FREE trading account on some of these platforms, such as
    • Make your first deposit using a credit card or debit card.
    • Experiment for a month or so. Learn to be familiar with and ENJOY your chosen platform.
    • Pick a commodity, stock or currency you really connect with and specialise in that.
    • Read everything you can about your chosen option or options
    • Discover the strategies and chart methods on your platform and apply them to your option
    • Start a regular trading pattern
    • See the results of your hard work as the money starts to roll in.
    • Profit from the binary options craze

    There are dozens of commodities, forex, stocks, indices you can trade in – gold, oil, dollars, rands, Apple stocks, BMW stocks, you name it.

    You won’t lose your jacket getting into the binary options craze

    With the 10 binary options platforms we recommend here, you are in TOTAL CONTROL

    You risk ONLY YOUR INITIAL STAKE, and this never increases. Each trade can be for a tiny amount, such as a dollar or two. This means that even in widely seesawing markets your risk is limited.

    There are NO MARGIN CALLS as in conventional options markets. There are NO STOPS either. So there are no surprises.

    You can close your trade BEFORE EXPIRY to lock in your profits.

    How do you get your money?

    You simply withdraw your money at any point to your bank account. The platforms we recommend here are reliable.

    How do I join the binary options craze?

    Get started now!

    Go to to open a No risk, $10K virtual money binary options demo account

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