10 Binary Options Mistakes Traders Make

    June 25, 2015

    The beauty about Binary Options Trading is that it is great for traders who aren’t experts on making money but who are looking to take advantage of minimal investment opportunities. Binary options trading is becoming a sought after method of trading of which there are two possible outcomes.

    The idea is for traders to estimate if the asset will increase or decrease in value by the time the position expires. If you estimated right, you glean the profits and if not, you lose your investment as well as the small amount in your account. Of course traders love the low risks, instant results and simple trading strategies. But what are the risks and common binary options Binary Options Mistakesmistakes people make when they start trading?

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    Common Binary Options Mistakes

    ●  Make Up Losses – if you have lost big time, avoid the usual gambler thinking of jumping straight back in to the market to try and gain back a loss.
    ●  Lack of Preparation – traders starting out with trading binary options for the first time, often don’t prepare themselves properly. Take a bit of time to research the tricks of the trade and when you are confident, only then start trading.
    ●  Don’t push too hard at first – new traders often don’t have the experience to read the markets and can make wrong decisions. Keep your trading simple for starters for trading success.
    ●  Don’t go on hunches or good feelings – attempting to predict the price of an options contract, rather than waiting for an anticipated news release can result in losses. Rather wait for news releases.
    ●  Don’t open lots of accounts with brokers and online portals which just becomes too confusing. It will be far better to simply select the best site and stick with their recommendations to follow a position.
    Avoid Mistakes●  Bonuses from brokers should be ignored – the reason for this is that they are linked to conditions where you have to trade far more than what you received as a bonus to receive your money.
    ●  Traders often choose the wrong brokers – the Internet has seen heaps of unregulated binary options brokers popping up online ones who take your money. Do research to find reputable brokers, find out whether they offer demo accounts, what their fees are as well as the trading resources they provide.
    ●  Believing trading is easy is a common mistake. Trading isn’t easy – it takes time and skill to become successful, and you need to be prepared for bad, hard times where you lose money. Successful traders now that trading is a challenge.
    ●  Stocks or currency pairs are assets, for example. Concentrate on a few and don’t jump back and forth to whatever seems the most lucrative or secure to you. There are some very moody assets with which you can fail quickly. Concentrate on ‘learning’ the ‘behavior’ of single assets and act accordingly.
    ●  There is the misconception that precious metals for instance are a sure bet. Traders make the mistake of focusing on one or two sectors. A portfolio needs to be diversified to replace volatility on the markets. A number of sectors need to be chosen to enjoy better returns as a loss with one can be offset by a gain in another.

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