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How to limit your risks in Binary Options trading.

Investments always come with some form of risk and this is what makes investing so exciting. However, you should strive to limit your risks in Binary Options trading. Being aware of potential risks can help with reducing some of the uncertainty you have…


Limit your exposure to volatile trading with the stop loss feature.

Place a Limit Order and use the Stop loss feature in Binary options as a safeguard. This order lets the broker know that you don’t want to trade unless the asset’s price reaches a certain point. Don’t sit 24/7 in front of your…


Binary Boom Review

Rumours are doing the rounds, saying that Binary Boom is a scam. That is probably because most automated binary options robots advertise their software as making huge profits quickly and consistently. Binary Boom is not fully automated, and the earnings are not huge.…


Binary Robots for SA Options Traders

Anyone can profit with binary options trading, but don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need some skills and professional knowledge about the different currencies and market trends. You also need to know how to achieve your goals which is to get…


Binary Options Trading for Euro and USD

Binary options trading isn’t as simple as everyone wants to believe it is. It is darn hard, but its popularity lies in the fact that it is highly probable to get satisfying results. There are plenty of tips and hints on how to…


Using Binary Options Candlesticks

Binary Options candlesticks are used to track price movements, and traders use them as a means to predict the direction of an asset’s price and which way it will move. Candlestick charting analysis is an ancient resource for analysing price charts. The patterns…


Fibonacci Strategy for Binary Options Trading

Fibonacci strategy is such a weird name in binary options trading, one would want to know where he name came from. Leonardo Pisano was nicknamed Fibonacci and was an Italian mathematician who learned the Hindu–Arabic numeral system. The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is…


Support Resistance Strategy – Binary Options

You have to strategise with your investment if you want to enjoy any kind of success with binary options trading. To have minimal financial risk, and to also simplify the entire trading process, knowing the right strategies provides more probability that your trade…


Formulating a Binary Option Strategy

There is some difference between binary options trading and and gambling because gambling is literally all about luck, regardless of how many gamblers claim they can manipulate the slots. There is no strategy in gambling whereas options traders rely on a more complex…


Bet the Rand Against the Dollar

Leading international options trading platform, Boss Capital, now offers Rand Against the Dollar trading (USD/ZAR) with huge upsides for successful trades. South Africans now have the opportunity to use their knowledge of local economic conditions to SCORE BIG online in Binary Options markets.…