Binary Boom Review

    September 25, 2016

    Rumours are doing the rounds, saying that Binary Boom is a scam.

    That is probably because most automated binary options robots advertise their software as making huge profits quickly and consistently. Binary Boom is not fully automated, and the earnings are not huge. But the gains are steady. You need to have patience, as it is not a ”get rich quick” scheme.

    What is Binary Boom?

    Binary Boom is a semi-automated binary options robot that can signal a significant amount of the most profitable .

    A signal is an alert that you, the trader, receive, advising on the best and most profitable options to trade.

    This software is free, so you need to take advantage of the offer, even if you decide not to make use of it. Binary BoomIt was designed to maximise revenue within very short periods of 60 seconds, using small amounts of $10 per trade.

    Where does Binary Boom come from?

    Denis Anker is the creator of this very popular trading software. He claims that close to 95% of binary options traders lose money. That is because their brokers trade against them, making themselves rich. He decided to create software to do the hard work for him, leaving him free time to concentrate on the longer expiry time trades. He claims his robot makes the right choice in about 82% of the trades it makes. That seems to be a legitimate claim as following up on these 60-second trades is easy to do.

    Advantages of Binary Boom

      • Binary Boom is easy to use. Its interface is clutter-free.
      • The system is easy to navigate, showing you how to lay out trades, and then how to access them to complete your investments.
      • This robot can do fast trades.
      • Binary Boom is especially useful for beginners, who are not sure what investments are lucrative or not.
      • It cuts down on the risks you often find with binary options. It provides investment with a certain amount of predictability.
      • The software is a robot that provides the largest amount of signals.
      • With this software, you can also check past trading history.
      • Earnings are not huge, but steady at between $10 and $200-$300 per day.
      • You may still use your preferred broker, at the same time making use of the signals your robot sends you.

    • With this efficient robot, you can trade profitably, and still have the free time to do as you please. This robot will do all the hard work for you.
    • Binary Boom can trade for you all day.
    • You will have more trading opportunities, as you can trade for 24 hours, instead of the 1-2 hours that you are usually able to spend on your trades in a day.
    • Your robot will never get tired, emotional, or make mistakes as you might do at times. You need a clear head to trade binary options.
    • Most other robots will cost you between $200 – $500; Binary Boom is free.
    • Binary Boom executes trades on your behalf with a low risk of only $10 per trade.


    Disadvantages of Binary Boom

    • Robots are not compatible with all brokers.
    • The software you download onto your PC.
    • $10 may be a bit low to generate a big profit.
    • Another big disadvantage is the broker connection, which is not always compatible.

    In conclusion, it might be safe to say that Binary Boom is a good buy. So if you are patient and don’t want to make big money quickly, you should not ignore Binary Boom’s 82% success rate at making a profit, no matter how small.

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