Trading Binary Options in South Africa

    July 26, 2015

    In traditional investment, you have investors who take a chance and buy an asset, hoping that its value will appreciate with time and they will get to sell it at a profit. There is always the risk that the item in question will depreciate in value leading to investor losses. Unlike this traditional model where you have to keep worrying about when to sell, as the value of the asset changes, in order to enjoy a profit, trading Binary Options, or BO trading, is much less stressful and complicated. What, you may ask, are binary options to begin with?

    Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of IT will be able to guess with there being two options. That’s what trading Binary Options is all about. In the investment world, the options in question are “Call” or “Put”, not 1 and 0. You need to predict Call or Put; Call is if you think the Trading Binary Optionsprice of the asset will go up in future and Put is when you foresee a drop in the item’s price.

    Obviously before you exercise your power of choice in trading Binary Options, you have to select an asset to invest in. This could be gold, platinum, coffee or any other commodity in the market. But when choosing an asset, it’s wise to settle for one whose pricing you are familiar with. The main categories of assets available for BO trading are indices, forex, commodities and stocks. Indices are the imaginary portfolios of securities that represent a particular market such as the Nasdaq, Dow Jones or the Japanese Nikkei. Forex refers to major foreign currencies such as the US dollar or British pound. Commodities can be anything from gold to cocoa to oil. Stocks are the shares companies avail to the public.

    Trading Binary Options

    Now that you know what Binary Options are, you may be asking how you can get to trade Click here to sign up free at OpteckBinary Options. You can learn how trade Binary Options using the resources provided by the Opteck Academy. After becoming a trained and certified Opteck trader, you will be equipped to make informed decisions on your behalf and on the behalf of others. Get trained and take out the guesswork! After you’ve done this you can confidently open an account and begin trading. Again, all you need to do to trade is pick an asset and then make a decision as to how much you would like to invest in it within the given time frame.

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